VoIP Providers in USA, and what Americans think of VoIP 

If you know what VoIP means, you may fall into the temptation to think that everyone knows it. But this is not so of course. Even though VoIP enabled communications spread with the speed of light, there are people over the world who use VoIP, but at the same time have no idea of the name of the technology behind their gadgets or services. Take for example Skype, which also uses VoIP. Matters get complicated because of the long list of VoIP providers in USA and the diverse services they provide. It is not surprising taking into consideration that VoIP originated in US, but nevertheless Americans seem not to be much excited about it. 

What is VoIP?


One of the reasons is that being a society of consumers, Americans do not like to go into too technical details. As long as it is working and is cheap, then it will do. Surely we are speaking about the general public here. Take for example the recent survey about VoIP by a communication company Haris among American consumers. It has revealed quite interesting results. Around a thousand persons were questioned and it showed that if asked what VoIP is, participants found it hard to answer, but when explained that it is “Voice Over Internet Protocol”, then the majority guessed what it is about. Also, it turned out that one in five of the survey participants answered that VoIP is the name of some sort of European hybrid car brand. Of course if not now, then in the nearest future VoIP technology will be present in cars also. Considering all this, Haris came out with a proposition that it may be useful to change the name - VoIP to something more understandable for public, like for example – a digital phone or digital voice. 

VoIP Providers in USA


Another survey found out that while deciding which business VoIP service to choose, US consumers are not as much interested in the features offered, at least in the beginning, as to how safe and reliable the provider is. There are many VoIP service providers in the US market currently, but we suggest you use the services of Voicebuy, a trusted and reliable VoIP services provider. Voicebuy is well known among wholesale VoIP providers in USA and has received several awards for its service quality and customer care excellence. By cooperating with Voicebuy, you can open your business and become VoIP service provider yourself. Visit now Voicebuy official page for more information www.voicebuy.com

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