Hidden Treasures of VoIP System

Nearly all articles on VoIP start by convincing readers as to how beneficial it is switching to VoIP system for communications. The main justification for such a move is seen as the cost. And indeed as compared to standard phone lines, the VoiP system is much cheaper. But the cost is not the only reason to move to VoIP, there are some features, which are not visible at the first sight but would prove to be so convenient that may provoke the move to VoiP by themselves. Below listed are some “hidden treasures” of  VoIP  and  VoIP Hosted PBX systems.



Intelligent Door

We all got used to mobiles unlocking cars, setting the air conditioner levels or ordering a lunch in the nearby restaurant. But there is a VoIP feature, which will allow your mobile to communicate with the door of your office and command it to open to the visitor. This can be handy when you are not able to open the door physically or you are out of office.




Hound Dog Call system

These are hectic days, and all of us happen to be in so many places during the day, that it may be hard for the incoming call to get us on the spot. Free hosted PBX - one of the most widely used VoIP services,  has a system, much resembling a hound dog when  it is hunting, when you define a specific call sequence before it gets to the voicemail.  For example a call comes to your desk phone, but you are out, then it travels to your home phone, if not taken, it goes to your mobile,  and thus it can travel as much as you like, until it gets you, before accessing your voicemail. 




Make Text from your Voicemail

Here everything is simple. Say there are a lot of numbers in your voicemail or you want to print some information, then having your voicemail in the written form can save your ears and nerves from much pressure. Besides, in this way you can  organize your voicemail well.



Treat your Customer a Good Music


If for some reason your customer has to wait on the line, you can set a good music for him/her to listen to before you get back. All of us have experienced this and it is very important to guess the taste of the customer to make him/her comfortable and to dissuade him/her from breaking the phone or the mobile against the table or a wall.



Apart from these there are other features like Internet use and inbound/outbound call statistics, call screening, auto attendant, conferencing, do not disturb feature. All these features and more can be acquired from Voicebuy, an international VoIP termination provider. For more information please visit http://www.voicebuy.com/.