Wholesale VoIP versus Retail VoIP

The use of VoIP as an effective method of communication has become popular with businesses, so many organizations choose to get rid of the land lines offered by traditional phone companies in favor of VoIP system, as it provides enterprises with a significantly more network design flexibility. Currently, twenty-five percent of enterprises are taking full advantage of this technology, and 75% consider deploying it within the next two years. In fact, enterprises that are not actively planning to deploy VoIP system, are at risk of falling behind their competition, as it continues to evolve. In fact, those companies that choose to use VoIP technology reap a lot of benefits, as it is an affordable and effective tool to connect with their customers, suppliers and employees. Currently, there are mainly two broad categorizations of VoIP business models: wholesale VoIP and retail VoIP.

Wholesale VoIP


Wholesale VoIP is a business model, where other VoIP service providers are your customers. Wholesale VoIP service providers usually offer minutes or terminating routes to customers, for various destinations around the world. A Wholesale VoIP operator should be connected to many termination operators, for the same destination, in order to offer a better quality of service and redundancy in operations. For instance, if you offer Japan termination, you need to connect with multiple operators or vendors who have quality routes for Japan, so that you can have a choice of better rates and quality parameters. So, this will help you sell the Japan destination to your customers and keep them satisfied.

Retail VoIP


In this business model, the VoIP service provider offers services to individual customers. Individual customers can be those individuals who make long distance calls, also SME organizations, enterprise customers or corporations having many employees who usually use communication services. Among numerous options that offer Retail VoIP operators to end users are Calling Cards, calls from data enabled mobile phones, giving a callback service option, also calls from PC or from IP devices and etc. Nowadays, Retail VoIP service providers offer their customers a suite of services which include voice calls, SMS over IP, instant messaging, as well as value added services on their platforms.

Voicebuy- a reliable and quality wholesale VoIP provider


Nowadays there are a lot of wholesale VoIP and Retail VoIP providers, which offer different options in terms of pricing, features and how the service is delivered. As a wholesale VoIP termination provider Voicebuy is among the best in today's market. It is dealing with around 100 vendors from different parts of the world and the popularity of the company is growing, as it provides high quality wholesale VoIP termination services at the lowest rates and most favorable prices. Voicebuy offers the customers a wide variety of services, such as Hosted PBX, Mobile dialer, Business VoIP, SIP trunking and VoIP Switch Partitioning, as well as four wholesale VoIP routes: Standard route, Premium Route, Premium Plus Route and Voicebuy Mix. Voicebuy has an amazing reseller program for those, who are seeking an easy way to make money and start a profitable and fast-growing business.

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