Which Type of VoIP Service Suits You Best?

Today VoIP is on the track to become dominant and most popular form of voice communication. This news comes at no surprise to current customers, as VoIP provides a better quality service and it is much more cost-effective compared with traditional phone lines. In fact, VoIP is becoming increasingly customizable and it entices more customers into investing. So companies can compete with one another to offer even more attractive deals for customers. More and more experts agree that VoIP is on the fast-track to replacing landline phones entirely, but before registering for a VoIP service, you should decide what flavor of VoIP suits you best in order to make optimal use of this technology for greater benefits and lower costs. Your needs and the way you communicate will help you decide which type of VoIP service to choose.


Software-based VoIP service



Software-based or computer-based VoIP service is the most common among VoIP users. This type of service is available to people in all the countries of the world, unlike hardware based services, which are available to people of a country or locality. Software-based services are usually free, when they involve PC-to-PC communication on the Internet. You should only download the application which is called a soft-phone, then install it on your machine, register for a free account and talk to other people using the same service on their computers. With computer-based VoIP service users should install a soft-phone application or portable devices on their computers or make calls through the service provider's web-based interface.


Residential VoIP Service



Residential VoIP Service is especially well adapted for household solutions. It is a good replacement for the PSTN. When you sign up for this service, you are sent a phone adapter ( ATA) that you plug, on one side, to your ADSL line and on the other, to your regular phone set. So all your calls pass through the ATA. The cost of residential VoIP Service includes a once-off subscription fee and also monthly fees. Calls are usually made unlimited locally or towards certain predefined destinations, or the service can cover a limited number of minutes.


Mobile VoIP Service


Mobile telephony plays an essential role in our modern world. VoIP won't have such a great success if it stayed wired. Today many VoIP users are scrutinizing the pipeline for services that will help them make free or cheap calls using their mobile phones, anywhere. Some mobile VoIP services have emerged, turning into a promising industry. In order to use mobile VoIP, you should have a mobile phone that is compatible with the service you choose, then you need to download and install a soft-phone, and use it to make and receive free calls to and from your buddies who have the same service.


Business VoIP Service and Solutions



Many companies have realized the true cost savings of switching to VoIP services, as it can help companies achieve success. Today’s business VoIP services are significantly advanced, thus deploying VoIP in a small and medium business does not only replace the existing phone system, but also adds a wide variety of features, quality and fluidity in the organization. There are many programs that offer advanced scalability options and help companies expand and downsize without the risk of incurring costly fees, penalties or necessary upgrades.


Voicebuy- leading international wholesale VoIP provider


Once you have chosen the type of VoIP service you need, you should select a service provider to subscribe with. Today, Voicebuy is one of the most reputable wholesale VoIP providers in the market. Voicebuy is in the list of the top five wholesale VoIP providers for 2014, ranked by 1010PhoneRates.com. It is dealing with around 100 vendors in Europe, North America, Middle East and Africa providing them with high quality VoIP Termination Services, affordable at competitive rates and most favorable prices. The geographical scope of the company is broadening day by day and more customers are choosing Voicebuy for the stability, security and quality of Voicebuy VoIP termination. Voicebuy offers its customers a wide variety of services, regardless of the business size and can help them make great savings on their daily telephone calls:

Voicebuy offers four Wholesale VoIP routes to its customers:

As now you are aware of the existing types of VoIP service, you can choose the type of VoIP service that suits your communication needs best.

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